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About Us

“To be a first class law firm technical competency alone is not enough.  Quality clients also demand a culture of integrity and trust from their legal advisors.  We strive very hard to deliver on both counts.  Our clients trust in us for over 60 years is something we respect and value enormously.  Together with focused technical competancies it is the key driver of our business.” - Dominic Dowling

The Firm was founded in the early 1940’s by Dominic Dowling and then taken over by his son, also Dominic Dowling.  The firm is now run by Jeanne M. Kelly.

There is also a third generation of Dowling involved in the firm who take pride and strive to maintain the firm’s reputation for the highest standards of professional integrity and competence.

In its earliest days the firm was based in Lincoln Place in Dublin 2.  It then moved to Baggot Street.  In 1994 with changing business demographics and re-focusing on certain legal areas the firm moved to its present offices.  Electronic communications, proximity to new centres of business activity and meetings with clients “on site” means consistent, easier and more frequent contact and presence with the businesses and people who the firm serves.
The client profile of dominic dowling includes:

  • A Regulatory Authority
  • Companies and Businesses engaged in:

    the Telecommunications Industry
    the Grocery Trade
    the hospitality industry
    Residential and Commercial Building and Development

  • Sports Clubs
  • Registered Charities
  • Patnerships of Professionals including:


  • Private Clients from all walks of life requiring legal services in the areas of:

    Probate and Asset Management including Tax Planning
    Litigation and Arbitration

The emphasis in relation to private clients is on quality rather than quantity.  The firm tries to ensure that a personal and individual in-depth service (which is not time driven) is provided to all clients.  The firm likes to provide a “full service” relationship to its private clients.  When  specialist advice is required the firm will source this in consultation with the client.

Over the 60 odd years of its existence the firm has developed a significant network of contacts with other key professionals including Bankers, Accountants, Forensic Accountants, Barristers, Architects and with Departments of State including, of course, the Courts Offices.  These connections and the ability to help clients in putting together Project Teams or to “buy in” appropriate specialised expertise are regarded as key firm attributes.

Dominic Dowling & Jeanne M. Kelly