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 Christmas 2016

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(1954 - 2013)

It is frequently said of those who die unexpectedly that a gap is left behind that it will be impossible to fill. Never

was that truer than of Dominic Dowling, who died recently at the age of 58. He was a familiar figure at Mass in the Church of the Assumption in Dalkey each morning but, for Dominic, this was no empty routine. He carried his convictions into action in the wider community in a myriad of ways. He was involved in the merger of De La Salle RFC and Palmerston FC when such mergers were neither popular or commonplace. He acted as trustee of the

body that runs Rockbrook Park School in Rathfarnham and Hill House, and though taxed by what proved to be his final

illness, he helped and supported the schools until weeks before his death. Many people in Dalkey had reason to value

Dominic’s commitment and it was fitting that, on the day of his funeral, the flag over Dalkey Castle flew at half mast.

Dominic was enrolled as a solicitor in 1976 and went into the practice founded by his father, before entering into

partnership with Gerry Butler. It is nearly 20 years since he moved to Dalkey, where he was ably assisted by Jeanne Kelly who then went into partnership with him. As is often the way, the tone of a practice is set by its principals. Jeanne and Dominic led a team that was characterised by courtesy and quiet efficiency in all that they did. Large-scale  litigation and the requirements of clients, such as the Pharmaceutical Society, were served with the same determination and skill as the transactional and litigation needs of the community. Many will recall Dominic’s presidency of the Dublin Solicitors’ Bar Association, during which he was given honorary citizenship of the City of New Orleans and made an Honorary State Senator for the State of Louisiana. He served on the Education Committee and, later, the

Public Relations Committee of the Law Society, and was a valued member and friend to many of those administering

the profession. It reflected his desire to give back some of the good fellowship and support that he had enjoyed.

Professional fellowship was important to Dominic, but all other things were eclipsed by his family. He married his

beloved Ruth Shanley in 1978. Peter Shanley, Ruth’s brother, an accomplished senior counsel and then judge, was himself cut down suddenly and in his prime. It is a sad double blow for Ruth to have to shoulder. Both Ruth and Dominic viewed their children, Mark, Emma, Gina, Ruthie, Dominic and Rebecca, as their crowning achievement and the children have grown into the fine young men and women that Dominic and Ruth had hoped they would become. Mark and Gina joined Jeanne and Dominic in the firm. Others have found or are finding their own course. There was seldom an occasion, when meeting Dominic for business or some other matter, that he didn’t recount with pride and affection something that Ruth had done or the children had achieved. Nothing became Dominic in life as the manner of

his leaving of it. He bore an invasive and rapidly debilitating condition with fortitude. Those of us who were privileged to know him were impressed and amazed to find him still cheerily discussing rugby or some other matter within a short time of learning of his latest challenge. These things must come as little compensation now, both to Ruth and the children, but the fact that Dominic was able to smile through so much of that difficult time may yet prove to be another one of the gifts that this remarkable man gave us in his relatively short life.


Obituary with thanks to the Law Society Gazette and to Bendict Ó Floinn BL


Presidential Visit to Rockbrook:


On Wednesday 3rd March 2010 President McAleese made a Presidential Visit to Rockbrook Park School in Rathfarnham.  Dominic Dowling, as Chairman of the Board of Management, had the honour of welcoming the President to Rockbrook and following a brief tour of the school both the President and Dominic addressed the parents, students and teachers who were in attendance.   




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